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UPDATE 5/4/2020


TCAT Athens Summer Term will begin on May 18th  on campus.  All classes will be attending 6.5 hrs a day Monday-Friday. For those students who are returning we appreciate your understanding and participation during the stay at home order.  We want to insure the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff going forward.

 We will be practicing social distancing and students will be required to wear face covering at all times while on campus.  Face covering may be homemade or purchased and should cover  your face from below the eyes to the chin.  Bandanas and scarves will be acceptable.  Students  will not be required to wear mask while wearing a welding hood. Students will be required to provide their own face covering.

 Our college is prepared to meet this challenge and soon with everyone cooperating we will be back to business as usual.  If you feel you cannot abide by these measures please feel free to withdraw and return when these measures are no longer in place.  We will make every effort to bring you back in the fall term pending openings in you Program.

 We look forward to a productive Summer Term




Stewart Smith