About the TCAT //

About The TCAT

TCAT Athens Mission

The mission of the Tennessee College of Applied Technology Athens is to meet, more adequately, the occupational and technical training needs of citizens and residents of the college’s service area including employees of existing and/or prospective industries and businesses of the state.


TCAT Athens Vision

The Vision of the Tennessee College of Applied Technology Athens is to enhance the quality of life for the individual Tennessee citizen, family, and the local community at large by providing easy access to lifelong education and training for all private adult citizens and corporate citizens within our service delivery area.  We will continue to work with business and industry to develop customized training programs to meet the training needs of their employees.  The development of a quality workforce will assure Tennessee’s economic competitiveness in the global marketplace.  We envision the Tennessee College of Applied Technology Athens as being the preferred educational option for the majority of adults whose career choices require qualifications beyond a high school diploma but do not require a baccalaureate degree and for those companies that require customized training and retraining services.


The Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology serve as the premier suppliers of workforce development throughout the State of Tennessee. The Colleges fulfill their mission by:

  • Providing competency-based training through superior quality, traditional and distance learning instruction methods that qualify completers for employment and job advancement;
  • Contributing to the economic and community development of the communities served by training and retraining employed workers;
  • Ensuring that programs and services are economical and accessible to all residents of Tennessee; and
  • Building relationships of trust with community, business, and industry leaders to supply highly skilled workers in areas of need.

Purpose and Objective

The objectives of the programs offered by the Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology are to:

  • Give students the opportunity to acquire marketable skills for entry into the labor market, or upgrade present skills and knowledge of persons already employed.
  • Incorporate appropriate work habits and attitudes into the occupational program.
  • Meet the present and anticipated needs of the business and industrial community.
  • Meet student needs by utilizing open-entry enrollment.
  • Permit students to begin on an individual level. Pace and progress will be measured against the curriculum’s customary hours, and students will exit when specified competencies are met. Instructional methods are individualized and competency-based.